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7th Year Train Ride

Masquerading Marauders Murdered My Mind With Copied Clichéd Crap

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Mission: To fight (and mock!) misrepresentation across continents, as well as to destroy the forces of Sueism and Clichéism in Marauder Era fanfiction.

What Goes On: ghostofbambi and cgn will sporadically post some sort of denouncement, usually by topic or cliché, although we might also pick one horrid story or two and mock it/them to our hearts' content.

The Name: 7th Year Train Ride is so titled for that infamous ride upon the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of term. You know, that journey that an absurd amount of Lily/James stories cover in Chapter One, starring horrorstruck!Lily and reformed!James.

Can I Get Involved: Can you ever! We would love it if you'd drop us a comment or if you'd make a post of your own. We're not picky, and really, everyone needs to rant about this sort of thing every now and then. Also, membership in the community is open, so friend/join away if you wish.

I've Joined - Now What? You're not obligated to do anything, really. If it floats your boat, though, make a rant of your own! Or you can even just start commenting without a post. It doesn't really matter. Just have fun making fun of other people. ;) The only thing we ask is that you have something to contribute to the community with every official post you make.

Disclaimer: Firstly, anything relating to the Harry Potter Universe belongs to JK Rowling, her publishers, etc. Secondly, both cgn and ghostofbambi agree that there are plenty of redeemable Marauder Era fics that happen to incorporate some of the things we poke fun at. While some of these plot devices can make you want to stab your eyes out with knitting needles, they can be used very effectively. Don't think that we hate your fic automatically if you happen to use these tools. Your story might be brilliant. We know our stories certainly aren't perfect by any means. The point is, we're just having fun. If that hurts your feelings, go find some knitting needles and take care of business.



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